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Eating with a brace on can be difficult at first and you may experience many moments of hunger because you are wary of what you can eat. Please be assured that the difficulties will pass and you will find that you can eat as you did before your appliance was fitted.

When a brace has been fitted it is important to avoid foods that can cause damage to your brace or that will increase your risk of tooth decay. We advise the following:


Foods To Avoid:

  • Sticky and Sugary Foods/Sweets – chewing gum, sticky sweets (e.g. wine gums, fruit pastels, toffee etc),
  • Hard, Crunchy Foods – nuts, pork crackling, over cooked pizza crusts, crunchy cereal, popcorn etc
  • Fizzy Drinks – energy dinks, coca cola, lemonade, fizzy water, etc
  • Cuts Foods into Small Bite Size Pieces – apples, carrots, pizza, meat etc


Useful links to the British orthodontic society

Patient information Leaflet on Teeth and Brace Friendly Food and Drink:


For some brace friendly recipes you can download a copy of the Now Lets Cook book here.