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Private Treatment

You are never too old to have the smile you have always wanted 

Private treatment is available for both adults and children, with flexible payment options, In choosing the private treatment option you are making an investment as there are no waiting lists and no restrictions on the appliances we can use.Our private patients also have more choice of appointment times with greater flexibility. Early morning, after school and holiday appointments may be arranged.

At your initial assessment we will discuss the range of treatment options that would be available to you. 

Whatever your choice, it is now possible to wear braces with total confidence as the latest technological advances mean treatment is effective, comfortable and discreet. A clear written statement of treatment costs is provided following your consultation.  

Please contact the practice:
Telephone: 01626 335747

At your consultation we will:

  • Chat with you about your concerns and what you'd like to achieve. 
  • Complete a full assessment of the function, health and aesthetics of your mouth. 
  • Take some initial radiographs to check the health of the bone and the roots of your teeth. 
  • Discuss your options for orthodontic treatment, including possible costs, expected timescales and appliances available. 
  • Provide you with a written summary of our advice.

Please download our Welcome Pack here which contains information about the Private Specialist Orthodontic treatments we offer.